688i hunter killer

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Try to go for one-shot kills. Most of them should be on http: And boomers do have torpedo tubes. That leaves you plenty of time to shoot the mines and admire the show.

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688 (I) Hunter/Killer Review

Keep your distance, and stay at periscope depth to get the latest radio message. Due to space concerns, the mission logs included are edited slightly to remove non-essential portions. Change course so you're heading 90 degrees off his gunter, in the direction that'll take you away from it, until you lose contact.

Returning to where you were last on this page This section was added for any websites who don't seem killre understand this. Either kill all the opposition or sneak around them.

Jane's 688(I) Hunter/Killer - Walkthrough/FAQ

If given a strike mission, you'll also be given a launch location, as well as the timeframe of launch usually about 15 minutes. This is a complex, detailed simulation of the Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine - so complex that the manual runs to plus pages. Get there before 2AM or you'll be too late. To east and west of you are mines, so don't go there. Second is drop a decoy appropriate for the depth you're in. If you want to go faster, go deeper first. So you can take out the Akula later.

Creating a fun and easy mini campain or mission. Most of them should be on http: If you're shallow, go deep, and vice versa. Just about everything you could possibly kikler in a submarine game is in You don't have any to waste.

In that case, reload the game and try again. One can jump from the Target Motion Analysis station after plotting a possible target course, speed, and bearing; to the Fire Control station, where the torpedoes or Harpoons are prepared, to the Helm to make a course change, to Sonar to check back on the contact.

When you hear the other Kilo across the minefield, take him out.

SLMMs are launched to stop at a particular location coordinates would be radioed to you. Fire more at one time. The sharp attention to detail makes you feel like you're actually running each station, and an effective 3-D viewing mode even ensures that you get to see the fireworks. In the top Box on the left, above broadcast. You're likely to run out or torpedoes in Region 4, so start learning to be stingy on torpedoes and Killeer.

Then launch one or two torpedo at each contact and start evading. Go 20 knots for minutes, then slow down to prosecute the contact.

How hard can this be? Challenging but not frustrating. The systems work together flawlessly, and with a bit of hhnter you'll be jumping between stations and sinking ships in no time.

(I) Hunter/Killer

Use passive seeker and you'll surprise them. The layout is so efficient, there is almost no need 688k use the keyboard. There is no neutral traffic in this mission though Kuznetsov, when it comes out, is flagged as a neutral! Launch the furthest mine first is a good habit to make, though in this case it does not matter as these are exercise mines only.

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