Omanathinkal kidavo lyrics

Is he the house where great charities live? The song had been nominated in the Original Song category for the Oscar Awards of Swathi Thirunal was a fountain of music. Is he the light of the Sun god, Meant to remove cataract and gluttony, Is he the meaning of philosophy? Your account has been verified.

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Instructions to verify your omanqthinkal email address have been sent Thank you! Thampi was an exponent of Kathakali, Kathakali artistes are adept in acting out 9 different emotions.

Omanathinkal Kidavo Lyrics - Swathitirunal Song Lyrics |

Available on the Appstore. Arthi thimiram kalavan ulla marthanda deva prabhayo, Sookthiyil kanda porulo, athi sookshamam veenaravamo, 7.

Is he the rose water with sweet scent? The bright forehead mark of the goddess Lakshmi? Parijathathin Thaliro, ente bhagya drumathin phalamo, Vatsalya ratnathe veppan, ma ma vachoru kanchana cheppo, 5.

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Retrieved 14 January Lyrics uhu hu hummmmm uhu hu hummm uhu hu hummmmm uhu hu hummm Omana thingal kidavo Nalla komala thamara poovo Poovil niranja madhuvo Paripoornenthu thante nilaavo Puthan pavizha kodiyo Cheru thathakal konjum mozhiyo Chaanjaadi aadum mayilo Mrudu panjamam paadum kuyilo Music Smule Lyeics you still there?

Is he the parrot held by Parvathy? Please enable them to sign in. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Redirecting you to Account Kit phone number login.

Is he the bouquet made of sweet scented jasmine flowers? Puthan Pavizha kodiyo, cheru thathakal konjum mozhiyo, Chanjadiyadum Mayilo, mridhu panjamam padum kuyilo, 3. Fox Strangeways in his book. Generations of children have been lulled asleep by its soothing notes. These three compositions portray very different emotions. You are now logged in. The lullaby lists number of wonderful things in the world and wonders which of these is the child.

Kasthuri thande manamo, perthum sathukkalkulla gunamo, Poomanametoru katto, ettam ponnil kalarnnoru matto, 9.

Create Recordings and be part of the Smule community! A bowl of fresh milk, or of sweet smelling rose-water?

Is he a golden box given to me to store the gem of my love? A treasure from God, or the pet parrot in the hands of Isvari?

The lyrics of the poem reflect this sense of relief when it refers to the baby as a 'treasure from God' and 'the fruit of the tree of fortune'. Omana Thingal Poem in Malayalam. Is he the swan which shines?

Is he the slowly moving peacock? Instructions to verify your account have been sent.

Omanathinkal Kidavo Lyrics

By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. Is he the result of my lucky streak? Is he a pretty holy river? Available on the Appstore.

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