Pibare ramarasam

You have added to my growing knowledge with your blogs and with this one about Pibare Ramarasam being in Ahir Bhairavi at one time. June 8, at 7: Drink verb piban implied: Only undying love for music can drive a person to spend the many hours that you doubtless do, unearthing information. I provide music for educational purposes Carnatic Music appreciation , for criticism and for comment.

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For donor passes, call or I have the feel that anandabhairavi will give 'kuthoohala' rasa. I plan to educate myself slowly and when I reach a certain level of understanding, I will keep your suggestions in mind.

And of course the "driver" mounted the podium and presented a brilliant explanation.

Pibare Ramarasam - P. Unnikrishnan | Shazam

As to the rendition of lines 1, 3, and 5. So this phrase implies that Rama nama protects the whole universe. I must point out, however, that the renditions I have presented are in Ahir Bhairav and not Yaman Kalyan. Being able to work with such an all-star cast ramwrasam musicians and craft a sound has been most exciting.

Forgot to add, I have all Unni Krishnan CDs on me and have never ramzrasam his live performance over the years. MS used to sing a Viruttam before singing "Pibare Ramarasam".

Regarding pronounciation of sanskrt words by singers,mispronounciation of words in languages which the singer is not familiar is quite common.

March 21, at 6: June 10, at 9: Jayanthi Runa Laina R. In the meanwhile, I pibre occasionally include posts on Hindustani music. Reminds me, I must re-listen, its been a while… Cheers.

This melody is always ringing and today it reached another pinnacle with through your blog. June 8, at 9: The song invokes a strong emotional response in me too! If other readers are interested, here is a link.

It makes mentoring so easy. By the way this composition is of Sri.

Sadasiva Brahmendra says that so too is the power of the name of Rama. Wonder why that came to be about. Coming back to Pibare Ramarasam ramaraam, I kept getting distracted by the mispronunciations of Sanskrit by almost all the vocalists.

The goal is to bridge multiple musical worlds together, says Sid Sriram

Hey Suja — you never fail to surprise me by talking about compositions that i really love. Thank you very much, Suja. Am now learning to sing this bhajan; can anyone help in finding me the chords for harmonium accompaniment. Of the present lot, Rashid Khan and Sikkil Gurucharan most suited for a similar contest? It is a good rendition. It is such a vast field and I know so little — writing this has been a process of discovery for myself as well.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The song has been beautifully composed ,it ramarwsam any raaga. As the audience waited in hushed silence, without batting an eye the 'driver' responded that he question was so simple that even his driver should be able to answer it. That pleasurablable-pain mood it invokes.

Line 3 is nice, but I cannot see why it is chosen over the other lines…hmm….

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