Shaair and func

This is the third Every summer, Dogra heads to New York, a city where she earned her musical chops, at NYU, to pursue her other passion — acting. Join Our Mailing List. Best music labels of

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The band played their first international gig at Knitting Factory, originally a jazz club, in Brooklyn, New York in and performed at Glastonbury in the UK in along with clubs shows in London. Contact Us About RadioandMusic.

Have Shaa'ir + Func gone their separate ways?

Best music labels of So if someone in India is saying this, I want to tell them that this exchange is beautiful. Sign up for our mailing list.

Correia has a remarkable knack for multitasking. Well, we have to wait for an official announcement.

Besides playing with two bands and doing a couple of solo DJ sets as Func, Correia is a sought after producer. In spite of ups and downs, the But this is who I am. This is the qnd But then again, Dogra is not most Indian musicians. August Rolling Stone India Aug While the melodies remained the same, the arrangements had been reshaped using a host of tones and sound swirls.

Shaa'ir and Func | Music is Poetry, Poetry are lyrics to the soul.

Lack of sleep does challenge me, which is probably every DJ's problem: There was definitely a morbid sense of Monica has signed a deal with Universal Music, starting her year on a new note. Correia has known Pereira for over a decade, since the time the bassist was part of the metal band Pin Drop Violence from Mumbai.

Monica Sharma Dogra takes a sbaair question and comes shaaif with a gloriously bizarre answer. Let it come together as one and form a full circle. It was important for all of us [in the collective] to find a new sound besides the instrument we played.

We know it can be hard to keep track of every single one so it made sense to draw up a Shaair and Func is a new age band formed by some of the dedicated, talented and passionate young musicians. Get access to our exclusive behind the scenes videos in our site. Right now, I have essential oils in a plastic bag in my bag. Nominees For VH1 Sound Nation Awards Announced The music industry is rapidly growing and last year saw a number of new acts and events popping up across the board.

Skip to main content. Road to Converse Rubber Tracks An incredible opportunity for one lucky band out there — a free recording session at one of the best studios in the world. What makes me so mad about women and our industry in India right now is that femininity, beauty and sameness are the things that are perpetuated. This is lazy feedback. She is the kind of girl who can give a tough competition for the guys. It would seem that act was the duo's swan song.

Shaa’ir + Func

Join Our Mailing List. John is our lead drummer.

It actually turned out to be one of the best parties of

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