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It would be very nice if the track polyline width and color could be adjusted. Hi mobrob, I want to download maps behind a corporate firewall with a proxy. It's a basic map for whole europe and it's more detailed in Poland: Mon Oct 12, 2: As its name suggests, Mobile Atlas Creator can provide you with a simple tool for creating offline atlases for various mobile applications and GPS devices.

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Once you finish designing your atlas, the application can generate the maps and save them to a user-defined folder. Mon Oct 05, 7: The built-in atlas converter allows you to easily change the format to make it compatible with a certain application. Well done, this version is perfect already trekbufdy me!

Sun Oct 11, 1: The wtlas can include multiple layers, which can be easily merged using drag and drop. I checked the proxy authentication problem and it looks like Java is unable to retrieve the authentication settings from Windows.

The downloaded maps are cached for faster loading. I configured TBAC to use the standard Java proxy settings and let Java use the browser settings which worked for other programs.

Open Piste Map openpistemap.

Mobile Atlas Creator

The application download only the updated tiles and will use the locally cached tiles to create the maps. Mobile Atlas Creator 1.

Display posts from previous: It would be very nice if the track polyline width and color could be adjusted. Yes, it would be possible to add a "continue for all" button but I won't do it. There are treknuddy map sources available, for different world countries and zones.

If you are planning to trekbudd the map on a GPS device, the application enables you to add GPX files to the map, which allows the device to read map data.

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Fri Oct 09, 8: You can then transfer them to your mobile device and load them into your applications. The program provides an intuitive and well-organized interface that makes it creattor easy to use. It would be technically possible trekburdy downloaded GPX entered when creating tar atlas into the bitmap so that the tar in the Atlas recorded?

Therefore currently the only way to use a authenticated proxy is the way you presented.

We are all sharing the same trekbudey resources when using TAC therefore please download only those regions in high detail that you really need. Hi mobrob, I want to download maps behind a corporate firewall with a proxy. Our editors will recheck this software periodically to assure that it remains clean. Please see the pictures in attachments: Visit wiki to see all features, guides and howtos. By clicking this button, all next messages will be ignored.

Old releases of Trekbuddy Atlas Creator are no longer available. But it doesn't for TBAC.

Mobile Atlas Creator - OpenStreetMap Wiki

The application uses online map providers to generate the maps, such as OpenStreetMap, Freemap and others. Mon Oct 12, 5: Sat Oct 03, TrekBuddy Atlas Creator 1. Fredrik Moller see creatot products from this developer.

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