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All of that can be achieved in GLES2. It doesn't matter if you have few large levels, like in open-world games, or many small ones, like in typical platformers. Sign In Sign Up. Sign up using Facebook.

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This sets up our game scene. The blending is non-trivial as there are a few requirements we have to take into account: Here is the final result: Here are some ideas:. You'll actually get a response from Chris within a reasonable time frame, and he'll make sure you get the best out of R.

I have to admit I have not yet looked into how well this integrates with the Gideros environment, but the venerable ndoss of these forums seems to have made use of the previous version of R.

So I factored these out into singular long-lived instances and just re set their state per-particle. All of that can be achieved in GLES2. That's why we let RUBE create them for us.

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But instead, he should be able to fly. OpenGL I write game Snake. WhiteTree Games - Home, home on the web, where the bits and bytes they do play! You might see that the background image is actually evitor front of everything.

You can create your levels as one file, or separate them into multiple files and import them together. Sorry for my mistakes.

This helps to ensure that the liquid really fills up any corners and crevices. Post as a guest Name. Looking forward to your blog. This is a nice opportunity to improve a few things.

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For the fixture of the cave ground and ceiling, we again need a polygon shape. Forum Home Search Login. The penguin in this little game, let's call him Pingi, has built a bottle rocket glider.

Register now to get your Free SDK! So, on the whole, the fading is not directly observable.

Move your mouse and press the left mouse button to finish the translation. If the developer himself can write the meat of R. I am really interested in using the R. The idea is to allow us to see particles mixing into a larger body of fluid.

I have tried LevelHelper. I have used both of them and they work pretty well. How to best optimise networking of many objects with brief lifetimes.

Introduction to R.U.B.E Box2D editor - video dailymotion

E Box2d level editor 0. The type of complex scenes you can build with rube will be near impossible in plain code. Before we go on, be sure to download all necessary game resources here. Or are you already used to it? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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