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That's all you have to do. To me flying is all about the view outside and keeping those needles pointing in the right direction, that's the whole fun of it. Threads possibly related to this one Southend an accident waiting to happen. Flight crew licensing Site Feedback Idle chit-chat Contributors.

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Tue Aug 05, Sorry to jump in on the thread. Wow Richard, you've really gone all out with yours haven't you!

NavBox ProPlan 5

To buy Navbox free of VAT head here: Type in the waypoints, true heading, winds and distance. Thanks for your reply Stephen. Ergo, our system responds to the queries generated by ProPlan and any question as to why ProPlan is producing a particular report would be a ProPlan issue. Also numerous intersections, visible in Skydemon and Jepp view, were missing.

NavBox ProPlan & IFR sims

Active Threads Latest Posts. Once back from the flight memory map will play the 3D fly through of the actual flight too. It would not be difficult to devise a standardised file format that would describe an intended flight the ICAO FPL woiuld be a good starting point together with additional parameters such as validity required, route width etc.

Might possibly be the way that we are delivering data to PP. I went into the world of broadband at the weekend and then downloaded the latest update - it was easy. I've gone into Microsoft Excel, brushed up on the old trig and pythagoras and made myself something that'll give you the raw data. I think you need the '-' in between the numbers. Tue Jul 20, So, I have just purchased it ten minutes ago.

P Well it looks like atleast for now I'm sitting pretty. As a user of Navbox for many years I bought an update to the program this month but was disappointed to see that for example Southend EGMC airspace that has recently been upgraded to class D, has not been implemented.

Wed Jul 21, A shame really 'cause PP is very good - maybe it's trying to be too clever? Author Post time Subject.

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Fri Jul 09, Keep me logged in Hide session. Works just as well, if not faster than the whizz wheel. Follow UKGA on twitter here. I've built fudged a Pitts file in our flight planning system at work, but can't really get the fuel tables very accurate.

Where do I get the latest updates from? I think I might buy it myself and do the same as you. Airways are shown as single lines without proplam boundaries, so once I have my plan optimised in the sofware I transfer it manually to a CAA map and confirm the routing to make sure I don't bust any class A airspace.

You also get a fully functional GPS system, so it is a bit of a bargain all around really. The site doesn't seem to recognise my registration number anymore and email to the support desk has had no nvbox. If you want to try out my programme, just give me a shout. The value of shares can go down as well as up. Your fave bit of planning software in this case NavBox does the job of producing the file, firing it off and formatting and displaying the results.

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