EXECryptor also supports a black list database of 'stolen' illegal keys. The result from the cracker's perspective? If you have suggestions or comments, contact us.

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EXECryptor Latest version 2.

One-touch trial technology EXECryptor supplies you with one-touch trial exexryptor that allows you to turn your full-feature application into a 'try-before-you-buy' version in a few moments without changing your program code and even includes serial number registration support.

Even tools that compress and encrypt are vulnerable; crackers use a debugger to extract the decrypted code. There's heavy protection against running inside a debugger, and the Professional version of ExeCryptor also exeryptor serial number checking. Think of it as taking a passage in English and translating it into Swahili.

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TeamViewer Simple, fast and secure desktop sharing for free. Software similar to EXECryptor:. Anti-cracking, anti-debugging, and anti-trace EXECryptor boasts innovative, powerful, anti-cracking, anti-debugging, anti-trace, and anti-reversing software. All of which makes this an indispensable programming tool at a very reasonable price. The creators of ExeCryptor realised that compressing and encrypting the code simply makes it more inaccessible; the code itself hasn't been changed, and a skilled cracker can still get to it.

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Instead, Code Morphing relies on the fact that many x86 CPU instructions have predictable side effects that are unrelated to the primary purpose exfcryptor the instruction. EXECryptor can stop the software from being cracked or used without permission. Highly sensitive code protection EXECryptor allows developers to specify certain parts of their source code as highly sensitive areas and adds multiple layers of protection to these areas. EXECryptor is one of the strongest and execrpytor innovative software security systems available.

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In addition to this, ExeCryptor also has a virtualisation system that works like P-Code - parts of the original program code are converted into P-Code and executed by a tiny interpreter. That's unfortunate because, if an application becomes popular, it will undoubtedly attract execrgptor unwelcome attentions of the 'cracker' community.

It uses new and unique security technology and provides software developers and publishers with an un-presented level of protection to significantly increase their revenues.

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Users who downloaded EXECryptor also downloaded: It is fxecryptor to create demo versions of paid software, and by any developer who wants to limit their software application for whatever reason. No thanks Submit review. Download and installation help. The result from the cracker's perspective? Hamachi Create a safe private network between computers. Secure creation of custom evaluation and trial versions of your software EXECryptor allows you to turn your program into trial, demo or evaluation versions easily and securely.

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. It provides your application with short, strong, serial numbers characters.

After protecting with execryptor, my program started to cause false positives with some antiviruses. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. All rights reserved to Downloadastro.

Hot Crypt See all 16 programs. WinRAR The king of compressed files. Don't leave without your download! Type your search here:.

Built-in registration and license management EXECryptor contains an advanced flexible registration and license management system.

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