Sedikhan series

At twenty-one, Zilah Dabala has already survived a harrowing past. It began as a daring, desperate scenario to flush… More. Always by Iris Johansen. But who will protect her from him? A Tough Man to Tame.

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Capture the Rainbow is one of those powerfully romantic but short love stories that will tug at every emotion as you read this story. Shelve Star Light, Star Bright. He was wounded, wary, and unable to ignore the lovely girl who needed his help.

But despite all the dangers surrounding them, there is a profound love that will blossom beneath the desert sun. Last Bridge Home by Iris Johansen. The Golden Barbarian by Sreies Johansen. Finding her has taken years, and convincing her that true love is worth the risk could take even longer. This narrator does all of the Iris Johansen Audio Books that Sedokhan have listened to so far, and she is amazing, and I would recommend her to everyone that enjoys listening to Audio Books.

Caught in a sensual game of love and lies, she must find the truth before she loses her life. Sedikham The Golden Barbarian. With deadly plans in motion and Lisa in the crosshairs, Clancy realizes that before their romance can get to always, it will first have to reach tomorrow.

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It began as a daring, desperate scenario to flush… More. Kendra is a stuntwoman and has to pay for her brothers bills when he was in a accident, and so she has to take the most high risk since they are the high paying jobs as well.

However when Galen Ben Raschid convinces Tess to marry him and bear him a seried to help him unite with the other tribe leaders, and then she will be free to go anywhere she wants after her three years are up, she agrees.

Capture The Rainbow by Iris Johansen.

Alex Ben Rashid had a powerful weakness for red-h… More. On a lark Billie Callahan had come to the Middle East to play a minor film role in a desert epic.

Notorious by Iris Johansen. Jordan Bandor has never let anyone get too close—not even his own wife.

Eve, Quinn and Bonnie. Casey Michaels was a stuntman himself until a job went tragically wrong. We have Lance, who is a talented artist, where only he and a few secikhan know of his rare gift. Menu Skip to content.

Sedikhan Series

Then xedikhan is kidnapped by a terrorist group, but Zila is confident that she can handle just about anything that will come her way. At twenty-one, Zilah Dabala has already survived a harrowing past.

Titles in Order Sort by: Honey has a duty to protect Lance Robinoff sries the danger that threatens his life, but somewhere along the road they serids both headed on, Honey realizes that there is a lot more to him that she ever realized.

But Daniel is determined to rescue her. After a tragic turn of events, Lily Deslin learned the hard way that people are not always what they seem. I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of this series!!! This was such a lovely riveting story, filled with witty interaction between the character, a exciting plot and a well written story that is portrayed well with the audio story that makes the story come alive for the reader and listener.

He warned her that the pleasure sedkhan offered her would last forever.

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I love her historicals, she has such a talent to portray the historic events seriees scenery surround the story, and it comes alive for the reader. She was lost, terrified, and in grave danger.

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Director Joel Damon gets what he wants. His tempting touch even reaches out in her dreams.

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