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See the full list. Bringing back a lot of fond memories. Thank you sooo much, and i will look forward to any new games that you guys are going to make, even though i realize none of them are probably gonna be as packed with goodies as this one ;. Mackey, Bob and Jeremy Parish Thank you sooo much, and i will look forward to any new games that you guys are going to make, even though i realize none of them are probably gonna be as packed with goodies as this one ; thank you for your 10 years of making pure awesomeness!!

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Mackey, Bob and Jeremy Parish Keep in mind, while all of this work was going on, we were still working on making a handful of other games wepgen Trick-or-Treat Adventure, which was no small task by any means in addition to having jobs and other outside distractions.

And I chose to mate with Annie, of course. The title screen for Abobo's Big Adventure.

Abobo's Big Adventure Hacked

Development on the game was started in by I-Mockery founder Roger Barr, who aboboyys it to be his first full-length flash-based game and to feature his favorite NES character, Abobo. On January 11, the game was released on Newgrounds. Put every NES game ever made in a blender, run on high, pour and serve.

A screenshot from the original demo of Abobo's Big Adventure. Bringing People Together Since ".

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Big fan of yours for 7 years now. Sword attack, sheild Stage 5: Member feedback about Little Mac Punch-Out!! Something tells me I'll be coming back to see what Aboboy is doing as well. Cancel 2 player mode, lose all your lives, enter the code again. Game players who find it adventuee to play some games can come to arcadeprehacks.

He further added that it was a "well designed series of tiny games that more often than not succeed in capturing aboboya pleasures of the originals". Could this really be happening? Thanks to Tom Fulp and the Newgrounds community for showing so much support for our game projects over the years.

Doc reveals that the real villain is his former pupil, Little Macwho went mad with power after winning the championship. This was a hard game to make.

Then we found something that really helped recharge our spirits every year: I am donating to the cause. I've been laughing like a freakin' maniac all the way through!

Congratulations on the game finally coming out, Rog! The game is freaking awesome, I especially like the Contra level and the giant [spoilers] boss. Though the game was delayed adventyre inthey intended to release it at the end of December. The game runs in Flash.

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If you enjoyed playing it, please consider making a donation so we can pay our hospital bills due to all the beatings that Abobo has given us over the years. Mega Man Stage 7: Spy, River City Ransom, Stage 2: We knew we had something really great in the works with Abobo, but it was hard to keep our spirits up when we saw how much work was still left to be done. With the game well-received, they resumed work, using feedback from the test to fix bugs and issues, and in presented the game at the following Comic-con in a free-to-play arcade cabinet, with artwork made by Jeff Bandelin adventue Newgrounds.

You have to play to the end to see the best ending of a game EVER.

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It was a lot xmall work and research, but if this was going to live up to the title of "the ultimate tribute to the NES", we had to make it stand out from your average 8-bit parody game. Grats RoG and the rest! My only gripe was a lack of CastleVania representation.

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