Regardless of the preset you select, you have the option of adjusting the destination folder and destination file name. EditReady provides easy, fast and powerful transcoding for video professionals, without an overwhelming interface or outdated format choices. After starting a batch, the sidebar will toggle to the progress tab, which will show you progress information for each clip.

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How is it able to leverage Mac hardware in order to speed up the transcoding process in ways that other programs can't?

To add a metadata overlay, open the Overlay Editor. EditReady allows you to preview your files before conversion. How does it compare quality-wise with MPEG Streamclip which is free, and can transcode damn near everything into damn near everything else? The top of the EditReady window will show you progress information for the overall batch or batches.

EditReady : Advanced Workflow Tutorial

How does it compare to compressor? Metadata may include camera settings like F-Stop, Iris, and Shutter, as well as items like Location if your camera has GPSmedia serial numbers, or even diagnostic data. What a stupid codec and workflow eeditready to apply to such a great camera. They managed to make an incredible product that can transcode multiple formats at blazing speeds Would be interesting to know more about what's going on behind the scenes, but I'm sure that's proprietary information.

Rating Rating from These settings will be disabled if your destination codec edditready something other than H. Rewrap or transcode media into edit-optimized masters and proxies Designed to ensure you get the best quality output for your source media without confusing settings Resize, rotate, retime, and apply color changing LUTs View and edit metadata Burn-in timecode, metadata, custom text and images.

EditReady allows you to set metadata across a set of files with a single operation.

Reply Share Share this answer: See more reviews for EditReady. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal edktready Secondly, while EditReady does Quicktime conversion better than anything else out there, that's all it does currently.

It works only on bit Windows.

Using AVCHD on a Mac

Head to our store to learn about upgrading, or contact us support at divergentmedia dot com for more information. However, I ran the clip through this editrexdy twice to make sure that the results were accurate, and sure enough, they were exactly the same the second time around. Please submit your review for EditReady. This process submits the file header and additional diagnostic data, but does not send us the actual video content of editreasy file.

If you want, we offer a free 2 week trial so you can test out your hardware etc.

EditReady 2

Many cameras now record four or eight tracks of audio. This can be very powerful if, for example, your camera records in the log space, but you wish to edit with a linear mapping.

This tuning makes EditReady fast, light and battery efficient. By leveraging the official Apple version, EditReady avoids compatibility issues.

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EditReady : Transcode Any Camera Source Without The Hassle

We really appreciate any feedback, even the disappointed kind. Additionally, if you're looking for something that can handle various flavors of RAW, then EditReady is not the transcoder for you.

It can be downloaded from http: Use the overlay tool to burn-in timecode, reelnames, shoot dates, media names, etc. Requires Mac OS X EditReady will only remove tracks that are truly silent digital silence - all zeros and not tracks that are just very quiet for example, an XLR connector without a mic attached.

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