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Smitten with him, she is unable to avoid drawing him into becoming hopelessly entangled in her doomed life as a creature of the night. Do you feel pressured to do better in your next film as well? Apparently there was some provision in it that meant she had to pass it along to an heir, but for goodness sake… why? You can now proceed to book tickets at MBO Cinemas, click the link below to continue. What the heck did Grandma get out of that deal?

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Celebrities express support for Andy Lau. Do you hope for the film to continue its winning streak? Rock band Rimba Bara continues to struggle in the music industry that is full of political games. Murni is turned into a 'penanggal' when Mak Ajeng, file, practices black magic, passed her dark powers down to her granddaughter before dying. Ellie Suriaty: "Penanggal" is not a ghost film

Awie, Khir Rahman, Shahz Jaszle. Malaysia's Favourite Movie Site Since What is unfortunate about our country's local film industry is that we have many aspiring filmmakers with big ideas, but sadly very little in the wallet.

You can now penanggal to book tickets at MBO Cinemas,click the link below to continue. Also to my cast and production team, because we had one goal and we succeeded in reaching it.

And… what about Murni herself? You, however, can benefit from my impulsive desire to risk a couple of dollars on a whim by just reading along to see if this particular monster movie flies or flops before you plunk down your hard earned money for a copy….

Instead, what you got was a drama slash action film with little bits of scares here and there. Well… Murni now transforms nightly ffilem the horrible vampire monster to prey upon the locals whether she wants to or not.

P13 General Release Date: Zul Ariffin played the obnoxious Arab brother with depth as well. I feel humbled as I was a first time director asking her to act in my first ever film. Ellie Suriaty thankful to Sharifah Aini

I believe in strong subtexts. Dzamira Dzafri Writer Ratings: Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

Malaysia's Favourite Movie Site Since But as you expect more of the scare-factor in your horror film, you might instead want to stay for the actors, as most of them did an outstanding job with their performances, which is a nice way to say that the so called 'horror' film wasn't at all frightening and to some it can may be described as disappointing.

Lebuhraya Ke Neraka tells a story of a rowdy group of bikers who make a stop by the side of the road and very soon all of them, with the exception of Bob, mysteriously fall ill.

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So, my ears was next to the speaker most of the time trying to make sense of everything. Even though the horror element was close to non-existent towards the end of the film, the cinematography and the art put in the film is tremendous and it deserves recognition.

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So OK… the downside? It seemed like director Ellie Suriaty wanted to direct a lot of genres at once, and it's not like pwnanggal can't keep up with her but it would have been better if the movie had the same atmosphere that gelled well together.

Watch The Full Trailer For Malaysian Horror PENANGGAL: CURSE OF THE MALAYAN VAMPIRE

Some really important… really interesting stuff that is just barely hinted at and then dropped like a hot potato never to return to the story at all. Cinema Online had the chance to talk to Ellie Suriaty recently and the filmmaker talks about her film's true message, her feeling on winning and her gratitude towards the late Sharifah Aini. You can now proceed to book tickets at Premium-X Cinemas, click the link below to continue. I am grateful to my husband for letting me go all out and pour my everything into this movie.

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