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Sometimes it freezes during a task, but all in all, Vopt is very good defragmenting software and we suggest you test it for yourself. Our editors will recheck this software periodically to assure that it remains clean. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Vopt is able to support multiple languages as well.

Several defrag modes are 9.12. If you are looking for even faster defragmentation, Golden Bow's www. The program offers increased defragmenting speed and efficiency.

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I use VOPT regularly even when my disks are not full. I am sure there are faster defragmenters, but I am even more sure there is no safer defragmenter. Vopt is a comprehensive disk management tool which enables you to quickly and easily defragment your hard drive, allowing you to improve the stability and performance of your computer.

In Februarythe registration key is released free in accordance with the author Barry Emerson's wish. It performs Its disk reorganization chores In seconds, Instead of the minutes and even hours You can exclude various files from being moved vipt you have the possibility to schedule automatic defragging tasks. Click to load comments.

After that it's faster. Windows Mac Linux Mobile.

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The also application allows you to defrag multiple drives at once in order to save time. In addition, the application will help you clean the Internet history, delete cookies, remove temporary files, and much more.

Vopt also lets you verify your hard drives for errors and offers a realistic evaluation of your disk performance. The aim of any defragger is to reduce or eliminate file fragmentation, and thereby improve the performance of the file system. In "Advanced Settings" you can select Vopt's priority level regarding defragmenting speed.

As such it has earned the recommendation and endorsement of reviewers 921 industry analysts alike. Furthermore, the program comes with a collection of tools which will help you better maintain your system, free up wasted disk space and protect your privacy. The utility will display the occupied disk clusters, the free clusters, and the partially used ones.

Vopt was reviewed by Elena Opris. Read the full changelog.

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This page was last edited on 27 Julyat Vopt pronounced "vee-opt" is a Windows defragmentation utility sold by Golden Bow Systems. In addition, you can check a disk for errors and correct them, vlpt "Drive Failure Prediction" Vopt checks your S. Users upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows XP have been able to retain the use of their existing package.

You can also batch defrag drives or defrag the pagefile, organize a list of files that will not be moved, as well 92.1 schedule automatic defragging.

Version 7 is the only commercially available defrag program still supporting bit Windows. Allow metafiles and streams to be excluded. Golden Bow Ovpt has a winner here.

Vopt achieves this by means of the following features:. The program will help you keep your disks in good working order in order to prevent drive failure and data loss. Golden Bow Systems see all products from this vopr.

Sometimes it freezes during a task, but all in all, Vopt is very good defragmenting software and we suggest you test it for yourself. This combination of features is not shared by other defrag programs, and Vopt fills a niche in the defragger market not addressed by its competitors.

Also, you can enable "Tighter Packing" which is more efficient that the normal defragmenting mode and "VSS Compatible Defrag" it minimizes shadow copy creation when defragmenting drives with a small cluster size, in order to preserve System Restore Points.

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