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The Annex Eun-hyeok comes across a locked jail cell, and Ji-hyun's unconcious body can be seen through the bars. Jae-seok angrily storms off, telling Eun-hyeok to have a nice day. Eun-hyeok soon finds Ji-hyun alone in a room.


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For the slight color shifts, one can work with other tools, but I am not that good with those. So you may see a cool title but there is no actual font for it because they have just modified a few letters from an existing font to create a new look. This font probably had the most basic character set I've ever used as a starting point - but I loved the look of it so much that I couldn't resist reworking it! One thing to consider is that designers often just make one-off typeface logos wordmarks. You just upload an image of the font and it will try to find it for you.