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Denotes that the settings are defined in this profile. Figure Alerts Pointsec Protector Enterprise Server includes the ability to generate audit based alerts. Doing the check any deeper could result in a noticeable system slow down and we cannot compromise this trade-off, having to maintain system security and speed.

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This product and related documentation are protected. Multiple servers can be added and their order can be arranged using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Providing the external workstation has either the full Pointsec Protector Client software or poingsec freeware EPM client software installed access to encrypted media can be achieved providing a password is entered.

Pointsec Protector Administrators can therefore install DataScan on their users' machines, safe in the knowledge that any media being signatured when scanned by DataScan is not only virus-free, but are also free of any executable binary files or software, such as games. Additional support contact information can be specified.

Pointsec Protector. Administrator s Guide

Centralized Management Pointsec Protector is centrally administered. No part of this publication.

This product and related documentation are protected by copyright More information. The configuration profile can be changed and domain synchronization settings modified.

Displays information about whether the machine is currently logged onto the network Chapter ptotector Monitoring A digital signature is written to a device to mark it as authorized.

To create a new computer group: Create an empty group This option creates an empty user group. Use drop-and-drag or the Move Up and Move Down buttons to move a group and change the order of the groups.

June Version 5. User Records the Domain and Username of the current user. Note pontsec The following options permit users to encrypt new devices during the authorization process. You can only publish to users, not computers.

Pointsec Protector (v. 4.81) - media

Immediate If the propagation of an audit event is set to Immediate, as soon the event occurs the client will immediately connect to the Pointsec Protector Enterprise Server if available and upload the audit information. Export profile as if loaded on any computer The exported profile can be applied to any computer.

Once verified, a response code is generated and must be relayed to the user: In addition to the standard audit information, it is also possible to view the capacity and type of the unauthorized media. Chapter 3 Create and Export Profile Templates No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written. The archive will be created using a filename denoting the date of the archive creation.

Specific security rights can then be assigned on a device by device basis.

If you have in-house file types that you would like to be recognized by Poinstec, we can create a custom XML 'file definitions' file for you, please contact Check Point Pointsec DataScan s installed files As part of the Pointsec Protector software suite, all the files will be installed in the same install folder. Figure Enter a suitable alert name under Alert Name on the General tab.

Pointsec Protector (v. ) - media Overview - CNET

Clicking Next will close the dialog, report generation will continue in the background: To configure the profile order, right-click on the required computer group and select Properties: Figure Click Finish to complete the computer group creation: Enter a product name in the Product name field as shown below: To enhance security it is possible to configure that encrypted removable media devices can be locked out completely after XX password attempts.

Legal Notice The information in this publication is furnished for information use only, and does not constitute. Generate this report at the specified time To minimize the impact of system performance, report generation can be configured to take place at a defined date and time.

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