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Visit our Library to get started. Respect We communicate candidly but respectfully in order to share ideas, nurture creativity, and solve problems as a team. But do know that I was doing this for about hours Monday through Friday for a month and a half.

Your engineering resource

Learn new skills with tutorials, review tests, and hands-on practice covering all major software titles. That's what I wanted to soldprofessor Implement the advanced capabilities of your software to create more accurate and complex designs as you master your tools.

Correct me if im wrong. Bassanio Peters Director of Business Development.

Discover how SolidProfessor can help your team stay ahead of the competition with online training. The teacher knows his stuff and is really eager to help me out, he recently published his own SolidWorks sketching book, and its solidprofessoe.

I had some good training videos and it only took about a month and a half of learning then I took the exam and passed it. Log in to continue. Oh yeah, you should be good if you're doing all that. Why should I use online engineering courses instead of in-person classroom training?

Set your students up for success with SolidProfessor Learn more about how SolidProfessor can help you better prepare your students for the future of engineering. I consider the last very productive. This allows you to track your personal progress and work toward technical certificates. Thank you for your feedback!

You might also find this post helpful for your future reference. So far I've heard good things about Solid Professor, and the few sample videos I got to watch seemed pretty sweet. SolidProfessor is used in classrooms across the country, from middle schools to high-level postsecondary institutions.

Online education has often gotten a bit of a bad rap, however the internet has quietly become an increasingly efficient method for certifying people in the use of advanced software and technology. You can change your membership plan at any time through the Membership Solidprofeszor page. Interested in learning more about SolidProfessor for your team?

No other technology setup or downloads are required.

SolidProfessor - Computer Aided Technology

If your school has purchased SolidProfessor for your class or program, you can access your student membership solidpgofessor visiting the Student Store. James Jepsen Senior Content Manager. Technical certificates to demonstrate your expertise. You are using a solixprofessor browser or a browser version not supported by this website!

Should I use SolidProfessor? Your comment has been submitted and will be reviewed by the MySolidWorks team. All you need is the world wide web and a device of your choice!

Simply fill out our Teams Demo Request Form and our team will be in touch to schedule your free, live demo of our platform. And in general it is usually possible to study any software product at random tests and mistakes.

Chris Main Solid;rofessor Engineer.

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