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Advertising Career Center Innovation Forum. Looking To The Future November 14, Textile World Textile News.

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Kaledo also enables datasharing in real time, enabling more efficient communication amongst design teams and faster product development cycles, according to Lectra. Log into your account. Lectra brings design solutions and best practices to the playing field enabling fashion companies to enhance creativity and speed; solutions that can connect merchandisers, textile designers, product designers and the supply chain; the expertise for spot-on innovative design that makes good business sense.

Kaledo Style: Technical Fashion Design | Lectra

The user-friendly textile software enables fashion designers to produce more designs and authenticate collections faster by making all necessary data available throughout the design process. Color by Design White Paper November 16, To run at the momentum of faster fashion and stay ahead of consumers on the move and on-line laledo, connectivity is the key to being quick.

The new software desiyn which includes Kaledo Collection, Kaledo Print, Kaledo Knit and Kaledo Weave for designing prints, knits and yarn-dyed woven fabric collections, respectively. Brands and retailers are struggling to resign to an ever-changing fashion market sparked by on-line players vitalizing the game and younger, tech-savvy, insatiable consumers. Advertising Career Center Innovation Forum.

They help design teams to distinguish their brands with ultra-realistic textile simulations and accurate technical sketches on-trend with consumer expectations.

Kaledo Textile: Smart Design Room

Looking To The Future November 14, Growing interest in personalized fashion and a socially connected ultra-active millennials are flipping this traditional industry upside down. By making design easier and integrating it into the product life cycle very early on, we allow our clients to take a great step forward in speeding up their collection development and strengthening their competitiveness at the same time.

Lectra partners with more than school and universities around the world to prepare desogn for the job market. Textile World Textile News. Designs, along with combinations of styles, components and materials are saved automatically; any subsequent changes to those characteristics are reflected throughout the collection. Kaledo is the way to go!

Built-in automation for textile and color specification guarantees precise communication with suppliers. Lectra allows designers to share sketches and textile designs with product development and suppliers on a unique platform, to make sure that products reach softawre consumers on time. Connecting design to keep pace with the speed of desigj To run at the momentum of faster fashion and stay ahead of consumers on the move and on-line eTailers, connectivity is the key to being quick.

Design solution

Softwarf show our clients our exclusive designs based on documents developed with Kaledo Collection, and consequently, we can sell without having to make samples and take orders even before the products are actually finalized. Back to Fashion and Apparel solutions.

The fashion industry is constantly seeking highly skilled talent trained in the latest technology. We communicate with the mills and between two different offices, so having that color consistency is paramount.

It does a great job in terms of doing color matching. Paris-based Lectra has developed the Kaledo suite of software solutions softwre to fashion designers. Raleigh-Bound November 14, Based on a pragmatic project approach and best-in-class experience, Lectra solutions promote teamwork to ensure accurate information sharing.

Bridging creative teams and technical teams is essential to stay ahead of the competition and to reach new consumers.

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