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Those neutral venues are US cities with appropriate stadiums but no franchise and cities in other countries. Add to MP3 Cart. Nemuno krantai - Leisk man tave isbuciuoti. If it ultimately gets to that point it is a different issue.

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Having the novelty of an occasional game is one thing. Just the worst idea primetims all-time. If you are going to expand internationally do it in canada or Mexico City. Anatolijus - Leisk man skrist Loveryn Edit.

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The UK fans have been terrific. Earphones - Primetime Sexcrime Karf Ad.

To alot of shoppers it was an annoyance. Mexico City pri,etime a waste. The tax situation will be interesting. The only problem is while a Concorde makes travel very fast and very luxurious to say the least, who pays for that? Product details Original Release Date: We saw it in print the past month, but Frontline on PBS shows the smoking gun.

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The same cannot be said of football. We are not saving any in our server. Man, you guys are all a bunch of whiny bitches. Remove one preseason game from the schedule, so each team plays three not four. Get your panties out of a bundle.

Please, for the love of God people let it go because the Jacksonville Jaguars the keyword Jacksonville are staying home.

They want to add 2 games to the season or add a game to the postseason, and they want to expand into London. The NFL thinks moving to London will be a great moneymaker, but if they expect the level of interest to remain the same for a regular team over there, they will be sorely disappointed.

Add to Wish List. This idea will take priimetime toll on the entire league.

Vilius ir dovile - Leisk mylet cover live Tavo Mikrofonas - Metro laisvalaikio baras. Untuk melihat detail lagu Krisko Primetime klik salah format yang ingin kamu download, kemudian untuk link download mp3 atau video Krisko Primetime.

Those neutral prkmetime are US cities with appropriate stadiums but no franchise and cities in other countries. The team would actually stay in the US most of the season then travel to London for weeks it had a home game.

If you want to play pre-season games there fine. Miguel [Official Video] 1. Make it a normal thing, especially with a team that is at a considerable competitive disadvantage, and the krrisko will wear off quickly. We thought that the Jaguars would be a candidate for such an arrangement.

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London Monarchs were actually doing well with a following the rest of NFL Europe blew which is why primstime go to London and not Frankfurt. Maybe no team would want to play four games, or even more than one game, per year in London. Playing games a year is more than sufficient. A London based team will be as popular as pink penalty flags!

Do NOT let this happen!!!!

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