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They brightened up your computer, and made it feel like you had a little pet walking around on your screen. Click here to request a verification email. To keep the food supply going you must connect to the Internet.

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Most screenmates allow the user to select these behaviors from a user interface or a right-click pop-up menu. Email will not be published.

XD They were so popular when I was a kid. Also decide if you want the cat to start when the computer starts or maybe scgeenmates a shortcut on the desktop or the start menu to activate your pal.

Screenmates are one of the original "beyond the browser" marketing technologies and the forerunner of branded desktop applications. Super desktop powers First and foremost, screenmates are animated desktop characters. Play with 5 frisky felines right on your very own Windows desktop!

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This person totally has the right idea. I loved how you could click the application multiple times and have literally dozens of sheep wandering around along the bottom of your screen.

You'll have three environments cag play in and explore: Today, screenmate animations are often used to incorporate a fun, avatar-like element into complex, authenticated, multi-feed branded desktop applications. Some brands have found that incorporating a screenmate character into the BDA improves download rates and usage by increasing the "fun factor.

Now I just stick to the preset one, because anything else is a bit too distracting. Especially some of the ones I used to download when I first started blogging.

Desktop Screenmates Apps and Alternatives

Felix the cat is black and white and walks around your desktop. Here are the versions: Neko Neko is a cute little white animated cat loose on your desktop.

Kate 19 September8: Usually it was moving around your desktop slowly enough so you could click it, but there was sometimes an option to speed it up.

I think the cars were very common.

And this chubby looking cat can runs too. Silver Download zip file. Timeless Thoughts is a monthly linkup hosted by Georgie and Tarawhere bloggers write about something from their past — it could be an item, a place, an event — anything that evokes a trip down memory lane. Upcoming Summits Past Summits.

One of my favourites was a cute orange cat called Favour Catthat would sometimes just sit, sometimes it would crawl around and swish its tail, and sometimes it would claw and slide down the screen with its back to me.

Care for a virtual cat with PC Whiskers. Maneki Sits on your desktop doing I am sure you will find one to your liking! He's dabbling in danger to see if he really has nine lives!

Favour Download zip file. So much entertainment over something so small. Application development process The first step in the screenmate development process is creation of the scaled character drawing, in which the character is drawn as a single image on the desktop for relative size comparisons.

Timeless Thoughts is held on the first Saturday of the month, and runs for two weeks.

The Roche Flu Tracker was a branded desktop application that served up localized flu threat information to the user, including an animated map showing spread of the flu over the season. I think I still have a couple saved somewhere on my computer.

Mitchel Ahern is the director of product management for OTOlabs.

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