Even ordinary German army reported crimes as extreme. How the War Started on My Island Their plan is to negotiate surrender to the British troops in Austria and to avoid trial for war crimes. This is about the film art, so let it be what it is and let's not press our views and believes on the others. Share this Rating Title:

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Just as any other regime, this one got a chance to "set aright" all the wrongs done in the past and just as any other regime it uses film art as one of the means to achieve its goals. This is a forum about the film art, let us keep it that way please zara 14 May Strazar uz Ujkana Goran Grgic It was last Axis force in Europe.

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Porucnik Hunjeta Tamara Garbajs In just 2 weeks they killed some Edit Details Official Sites: Audible Download Audio Books. Movie tries to show human side of ordinary men, compeling as similar war movies of war prisoners that suffered Bridge on River Kwai, US Bantaan prisoners.

Četverored - Wikipedia

Eventuly they are returned to Yugoslavia facing the revenge for what they did. This film is both moving and revealing.

In the end, movie ceverored is too long, too slow, badly directed. This can be seen in one-dimensional characters and story partisans being bad guys, without a trace of humanity and culture, the others being poor, scared and innocent. Mirta Mesog Goran Navojec After so many communist movies about "brave" partisans that are nothing more but a work of fiction, when somebody makes a movie about what really happened it is to be expected that some of all those people who watched "brave" partisans in movies like Sutjeska, Neretva, will come here and tell you that partisans were not like that.

The British ofcourse betrayed surrendered Croatians because they wanted to get even when Croatian general Ban Josip Jelacic in attatcked the evil Hungarian state that suppresed Croatian people, but which they were supporting as Masonary! This movie shows some of the horrors experienced by Croatian Army regulars, Ustasa and most importantly, civilians post W. This film doesn't even begin to cover the atrocities committed by the Communists at the end of W.

Its always interesting to learn the other sides perspective. This movie shows some of the horrors experienced by Croatian Army regulars, Ustasa and most importantly, civilians post W. The movie, which was one of the most lavish and expensive productions of s Croatian cinema industry, received generally cetvedored reviews and was almost ignored by the public in theaters.


Please don't watch this movie, it is all wrong and it will hurt your senses and your intelligence. Nevermind, as every puppet state it emulated a country, even being funded by Greater Reich.

Was this review helpful? Historical facts about what really happened are available for understanding for everyone who has a little bit of brain, so I'm not going to explain what historical aspects of this movie are wrong btw, almost every aspect. Although being one of the first movies to take humoristic approach towards violent break-up of Yugoslavia, this motion picture is partly based on real events that took place in September of The tortures and outright murders of these people has been covered up and forgotten by history.

List of all Yugoslav films ever made Lista svih Jugosloveskih filmova.

Audible Download Audio Books. Learn more More Like This. This is a story of its last days, when complete ISC army decided to retreat and to try to surrender to Western Allies. To this day now in this movie is still forbidden and they are still refusing to talk about that tragedy because the British, that same satanic Masonary instrumented 2 parties called HDZ and SDP in government and is still trying to remake "great serbia", but only in the means of economy, because they have failed to create it in the bloody war for independence!

This partisans were mostly consisted of ex serbian fashists called chetnicks that were fighting for Hitler and were spared their life after the war in order to exterminate everyone that were against the new bolshevic regime. It was done by the direct orders of Tito. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

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