I wondered to myself if leaving him was the right choice or not. Those were the last words I ever said to him. This was a step to new beginnings and memories. See, I was everything to that man.

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I felt like an ant. It was dawn and it was really cold, and raining. That question remains unanswered.

Dr Eleck Abel Mjuza

Dakako, bit ce tu jos mnogo izmjena u cilju poboljsanja kvalitete nase ponude. Soon I started not doing well in my studies — it was bound to occur. Day and night we would visit him. It broke my heart.

I had bought it with me to remind me of my home. Mislim da smo se Lana i ja s mjhza pjesmu vezali zauvijek", dodaje Luka.

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Pjesmu i miuza su komentirali Lana i Luka. I had to go home and see him. But like a big girl I had to deal with it.

Stoga je sva glazba postavljena cisto iz promotivnih razloga i svatko tko ju skine, duzan ju je mjuaa sa hard diska u roku od 24 sata. My eyes twitched from side to side, taking in the tall intimidating buildings. In doing this sport I got exposed to many different attitudes and behaviours. I had never seen such huge buildings before.

Objavili novi duet Mjhza It was painful to leave home as it was my first time of being away from my family. I adjusted well and months went by without any hiccups but mjzua, I missed home.

I was born and raised in PE. It seemed like I was travelling for days. The dry, scattered land passed by — hill after hill, rivers, cows.

Vi ste anonimni korisnik. When we got there my father gave me money, which was strange since I was the one who usually handled money in our family.

It felt like everything was crashing down on me.

Yolinda Khunjulwa Mjuza :: People's Assembly

See, I was everything to that man. Talking to my family calmed me. Left at home were my brother and cousin, who themselves needed to be taken care of. She came to Cape Town in because she wanted a change. I willed myself not to cry. I got onto the bus and sat next to a window with a curtain. My pride took over most of the time and I started thinking to myself, they are older — why must I make the first move to restore our closeness.

The day after my return to Cape Town, my dad passed away. I felt ready for change — under-prepared but ready. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.

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