Cyne all my angles are right

Rhokeheart I dig this album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 21, go to album. It makes a great choice for a single, with a borderline sing-along chorus and a triumphant vibe.

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In Between Kingdoms Another Day in the Life of Much has changed since Every single track on this record manages to hold it's own in memorability, and originality. Despite the subtraction of Akin, the group has cultivated enough new experiences to make their style seem both classic and contemporary.

The full-color compact disc is packaged in a mini-LP-style gatefold wll. Packaged rigth a full-color heavyweight jacket with a printed inner sleeve. Initially available on limited edition transparent red vinyl [pictured], now shipping on black vinyl.

Or browse results titled:. FlourishX go to album.

Cise does a masterful job of maintaining a cohesive narrative, weaving previously used tight and choruses into other songs, perhaps the benefit of being the solo MC on the project. Intelligent rhymes, great flow and spectacular beats.

Rhokeheart I dig this album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 21, go to album.

It may seem like a small achievement, but when such aspects of an album are executed well, the quality is bolstered. Ive been a CYNE fan since they first came to be an group. Befitting their veteran status, some of their namechecks Topanga, Tony Danza sound both clunky and anachronistic. Was thinking of which album i'd get first, and no matter what, "The Lone Wolf" was ky per se.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The production team of Speck and Enoch keep the tracks moving crisply and Cise Star is still a monster. The record regains sure footing as it goes deeper. Things get a little darker after that. Each soulful beat has just drawn me closer to this album, and with each sample, Marcus D puts in each track, it sounds like pure heaven, this is definitely worth your time if you'd just like to chill out listening to some awesomely righht songs by Marcus D and the features.

Wilhelm G go to album. It makes a great choice for a single, zre a borderline sing-along chorus and a triumphant vibe.

CYNE: All My Angles Are Right

Overgrown by Ivy Sole. Streaming and Download help. Purchasable with gift card. Tomorrow's Breakfast by Snips.

Only Real Hip Hop: CYNE – All My Angles Are Right ()

Nate Reynolds go to album. Bandcamp Anles of the Day Dec 21, Enoch and Speck do more than just back Cise Star with dope beats. Holy Ghost Zone by Budgie. Cise Star is a conscience for your headphones. CYNE are more than one emcee, more than two producers, more than their decade-spanning discography, and more than just hip- hop.

Cise Star seems to get more relatable as the beats get murkier.

Heaven Is A Hologram

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