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Screenshots from GPlates 0. You can now insert vertices into the middle of an existing feature geometry, or even extend the feature geometry at either end. Feature colouring has been overhauled, and many new alternative colour schemes are now possible. Animations are no longer just pretty pictures on your screen! Using the cookie-cutter tool, GPlates can assign Plate IDs to the Fugro Tellus Basins dataset, and display them along with a reconstructed topography raster.

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Human civilization is built on the premise of relatively stable climate and coastlines Yet the geological record reveals numerous episodes of enormous change, innovation, … Read more….

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Viewing Antarctica - again, multiple features that are nearby the click point are displayed in the table for easy selection. Screenshots from GPlates 1. This latest update of GPlates brings added functionality for the export of both numerical floating point-data and colour reconstructed rasters, for a user specified region and resolution. Animations Animated screenshot from GPlates 0. Matthews, Nicolas Flament, R. As the reconstruction time is changed, the geometry of the topology varies according to the independent motions of its component geometry sections.

Each circle depicts the … Read more….

GPlates: Screenshots and Animations

The source-code packages contain simple sample data, but the larger data files described .10 will need to be downloaded separately. Initially the portal was hosted on nectar cloud.

GPlates enables interactive digitisation of point, polyline and polygon geometries for the creation of new features. The desired surface extent of the raster may be specified, enabling rasters of a smaller size to be correctly sized and positioned. A major release with new functionality including volume visualisation of 3D scalar fields, data-mining functionality, surface relief lighting and many other enhancements.

Observe that even while GPlates is animating the reconstruction and raster images, the program remains fully interactive: An animation of this topology changing shape may be found below in the Animations section. The complexity of the region, well represented by the disputed magnitude of Cenozoic sinistral displacement of … Read more….

This screenshot was taken on Windows, using an image cropped from the free air gravity anomaly map created at NGU. Click here to download the latest version of GPlates.

This version includes all GPlates 1. Switching to the Measure Distance tool on the same isochron shows the length along the feature. It's now even easier than before to manipulate geometries interactively. Modifying the geometry of an isochron at 20Ma, with a background raster image showing spreading rate.

This is the Gravity grid from the sample data, with the static plate polygon set in dark zoftware and coastlines outlined in white. GPlates is now able to display the Earth in a variety of map projections. Cross sections through the mantle temperature scalar field coloured by isovalue temperature with topological plate boundaries overlaid on top. Manipulating the reconstruction tree interactively while displaying reconstructed virtual geomagnetic pole positions.

The main GPlates window, with plate-boundary features and a global elevation raster image loaded.

Download GPlates and Data

GPlates News Quarterly Updates: The new Move Pole canvas tool. Softwage enables both the visualization and the manipulation of plate-tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time:. Until now the program was downloaded times.

Just click the green Download button above to start. The updated Manage Feature Collections dialog offers the g;lates to reload a file from disk with a single click, as well as the ability to enable or disable a feature collection without unloading or reloading the file.

GPlates can now reconstruct rasters! For users of GPlates 1. Choosing a Continental-Oceanic Boundary feature - Note how in this screenshot, two possible 'hits' were under the mouse cursor at the time.

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