Don't worry, with our advanced logging options, you can make sure a hard copy is kept of every action taken. Find all posts by jooohn1. I am experiencing a new issue with the shoutbox with vb5.

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Perfect for clubs, guilds etc. This lets you quickly punish members who are overstepping your bounds.

[DBTech] vBShout v6 (vB3) [AJAX] | AYYILDIZ TİM | Türkün Siber Ordusu plugboard.mobi

And now we can't hit enter to send the message. No idea, they could try another browser I suppose.

I would like to change the white boxes to transparent but can not find them in the xml please vbshiut attached pic. Enabling this will further reduce the amount of resources consumed by the shoutbox.

Your users can now set up their own Chat-Tabs, where they get to set who can come and chat. It appears that it occurs in all browsers.

Hi i'm using the lite version and the shoutbox works fine but the permissions do not save. Thanks, will take a look there. Not a big issue but the latest update is resulting in the following preceding every post.

Chat Modifications - [DBTech] vBShout v6 (vB5) [AJAX] [Archive] - plugboard.mobi Forum

Still having the same issue If you turn on "Edit Site", all off a sudden the chat messages appear. I have tried to clear the cache but this has no success.

It can't be a permissions issue since one admin can post and the other can't. Even what editor options show up for them. Moved the line break from the start of the copyright to the end, thanks to mediasnog for pointing this out: When I cbshout another custom package from server, then error was gone.

Users can send messages but not view them. When I put other package vvshout yours, it came back. Ever wanted a separate shoutbox just for your admin forum?

The Official vBulletin Modifications Site.

This lets vbshouut quickly punish members who are overstepping your bounds. Best of all, you can have multiple boxes in use for multple purposes! It can be used in many ways - as a chat room for members, for staff to discuss issues in realtime, as a live-update feed of new posts and threads, as a way to track member milestones The jQuery Template class was no longer available by default as of 5.

I believe it is not compatible with the vnshout PHP. I have reported this in their bug tracker a long time ago.

Infact the function who give an error is vbahout follow: Fillip I have no such product. Don't worry, with our advanced logging options, you can make sure a hard copy is kept of every action taken.

Perfect for seeing what's going on and who's around at a glance. The context menu also adds a quick link to infract users, for those who can access vBulletin's infraction system.

[DBTech] vBShout v6 (vB3) [AJAX]

The shoutbox covers that shadow. Chat Rooms get tabs added as you join them.

I save the page and nothing happens, if i edit it back the hook has dissapeared from my page.

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