Oldschool dancehall bigtunes mix

Thing is, i've heard it a few times recently, but can't find it even looking carefully. But I have played the instrumental before i played the song but not the plain instrumental, Santa Barbara. She had a best friend

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At the end I caught the D. Thank you so much.

I would love to know the name so I can find it again. The chorus went "Send me your love baby everyday". This is bigutnes of a chill one, for the puff puff pass times: With her tender loving and her sweet romancing. The riddim is softer not Bam Bam riddim.

Dance Hall Remix Old School Download Free Mp3 Song

Good vibes from Mexico. Lexxus — Good Hole I love my dancehall tho. Every year i go to the bahamas i hear it but olrschool know the name lol. When I talked to him, I immediately found a sense of peace.

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Two I think are by louie rankin but I don't know the names. I am looking for 2 reggae songs.

Im almost pretty sure its from Barrington Levy. He was a dark fellow.

Dance Hall Remix Old School Download Free Mp3 Song - Mp3tunes

Please help Ildschool this track for me!! It then continued into a beautiful reggae song, slightly dub like. Elephant Man — Higher Level Beenie Man — Buffer Zone Was looking for this 90's Reggae song for years.

Can anyone help me out with the artist and maybe real title of this song? Beenie Man — Who Am I I'm sure the first couple of lines in the song had the word 'rasta' in them. What her name again.

Dj Kev Reggae Hip Hop Mix – Old School Dancehall Mix – Old School DanceHall Big Tunes Mix

Me no want best friend. It was more of a rap song but it was like a hindi song ft.

I thought the singer was Gentleman but I have been searching all over with no results. Thanks for any leads! Oldscjool think its a remix or remake of murder she wrote sang by a man whom I suspect to be Pliers.

It plays for a while, but I'm not that familiar with reggae to identify it. Some lyrics may be wrong but it went something like this "Went to a session the other night met this girl she was out of sight, the girl she was a bubalo oh ho a champion bubalo" Think there may be some sort of discussion from a teacher along the lines of "what did you do in you holidays" then goes back into song May possibly be confusing two songs here not sure RFD.

Wayne Mis — The Greatest Its been bugging me forever. Thing is, i've heard it a few times recently, but can't find it even looking carefully. Bigga Bittunes Ent 6:

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