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Polytrans I believe would give best results where you can convert the files also in to a comfortable format to work with. Thank you for your input! With Power Translators, and just a few short hours, we were able to quickly translate all of the files into clean meshes with no smoothing problems. We met our deadline, and the results were fantastic. Any way to get around this?

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Haha, Oregon board violates first amendment Use of Material. I downloaded a trial msx of Power Translators from nPower which makes the translation of Rhino models into Max much smoother. Jul 8, 05 4: About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. The weld comman in edit mesh messes up face normals and, like you say, makes it necessary to do a lot of cleaning up. Jul 9, 05 2: Jul 9, 05 Submitted by Admin on Mon, My current project has Y-axis as up which adds another level of difficulty to properly importing the files.

Thanks in large part translatof your software. As I understand it, unless you're using a specialized plug-in, conversion from Rhino nurbs to 3ds max splines will be via a. Discussed News Jean Nouvel's controversial 53 West 53rd Street residential skyscraper nears completion An Amsterdam office complex will soon be transformed into residences by MVRDV If you like their watches, you'll probably love their hotel: It can then create a mesh at render time to a specified user defined tolerance relative to the size of the object in the image.

These step files are exported from SolidWorks… I actually noticed that. I have about MB worth of step files that need to be brought into the same max file which at this point is over 2GB and completely unusable without optimization.

NPOWER Software

Any input on what workflow you use would be appreciated. All credits for this nice trick goes to PixelMonkey.

IGES does this too but I haven't had very good experience with large files. Can Rhino compensate for this?

NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

A solution… try to import in Rhino oder in the Autodesk studio tools trial versions and then save to acis. It is like FBX an exchange format to interchange 3D nurbs objects between a lot of programmes. Tricky… the step file format is not the format of a certain software. Features News Events Competitions.

Assemblies can be imported into a Power Assembly to maintain their hierarchical structure. Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site?


Thanks for all the responses guys Jobs Talent Finder Active Employers. Login or register to post comments.

Some time ago i had a MB Step file which was impossible to import in max. Haven't tried that yet though. Last Commented Threads Haha, Oregon board violates first amendment How many admitted every year to top schools?

Am I missing out much if I do not know how to model in 3ds max?

Ethos over Categorizable Style view all. You can even optimize the mesh to the extent where u can have granslator result with out losing much data or topology. ScriptSpot is a diverse online community of artists and developers who come together to find and share scripts that empower their creativity with 3ds Max.

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