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Use this method to compare long DNA sequences e. This option does not apply to protein sequence. Amino acid sequence -- Software. If this option is not checked, insertion or removal of gaps will modify entire downstream sequence.

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Move the cursor to the desired fragment, then click the left mouse button to display a popup menu. This function searches for a potential region that can be altered to create or destroy restriction enzyme sites. There are two lines in the presentation; the upper line Sequence Line represents the target sequence and the lower line Zoom Line shows the zoom of the upper line. Search Sofware Find items in libraries near you.

The methods produce high quality dotmatrix plots with low background noise. This option facilitates the identification of target sequence regions. Copying and cutting a fragment 1 Place the cursor in the approximate position where you want to copy or cut a fragment. There are five methods of calculating softwrae.

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When the cursor is a cross on the overview graphics, the position coordinate is displayed on the left corner of the screen. These tools can be used to draw linear or circular restriction maps.

You may remove the checked subsequences by clicking the Rem. Repeat step 1 and 2 to change the positions of other sequences.

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In the first step, choose sequences for alignment. The content of the file can be loaded into a sequence channel or used for other analyses multiple sequence alignment, sequence assembly upon user's confirmation.

Circular Check this option if you want to correctly draw a restriction map or find restriction pattern of a plasmid sequence. You may change the display order of these sequences by drag-and-drop the names to move them up or down.

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The number following the found sequence indicates the group of the query sequence. Restriction analysis on 2 sequences Methylation: Choose any of them to compare against another. In ssoftware case, the sequences in Sequence window will move according to your adjustment.

Paste the alignment to a text window or other Windows applications. Rotating and opening circular restriction map You may also ignore some of the annotations by un-selecting them in the list box. The size of a circular ddnaman can also be enlarged or reduced by placing the cursor to the circle of the map not on an element.


Finding libraries that hold this item You may choose different individual sequence, and click the Load button to load it into the default sequence channel. Choose the Edit Copy command to copy the selection to the Clipboard. Citations are based on reference standards.

A scale of distance is placed on top of the graph. The Option button is also on this tool bar. You can move the whole diagram doftware the graphic window by placing the cursor at the beginning of the consensuspress the left sequence. To use this function, a sound driver must be installed on your system. To remove an enzyme from the selected enzyme box, double-click on the enzyme name.

To perform sequence analysis: The sensitivity of comparison is also determined by the parameters of Window size and Mismatch.

The number of restriction sites, elements and text objects are also displayed.

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