Light bearer lapsus

Streaming and Download help. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Alerta Antifascista Records is a label for loud and heavy music. DoubtGin July 19th Comments. On the other hand, I don't really think it's better than Neurosis classic works average rating says so.

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Light Bearer

Photon July 19th Comments. Light Bearer is a band that takes post-metal to extremes: Beams of light from the crumbling ceiling illuminate walls bearrr with depictions of ancient battles between gods; colossal statues of angels and demons lie broken next to the crypts they were built to stand guard over for eternity.

Beyond The Infinite Post-rock beauty, ambient soundscapes maybe even a little bit of drone and of course a stunning melodic element. Are we not bound to your creed? lapssus

Contact Alerta Antifascista Records. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Relinquished July 19th Comments. There's an anger here, but also an acceptance. Login Create a Profile. The cold it binds and castrates, Stigeon embargo, Bound like brittle branches To this freezing waste.

Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? It is an allegorical tale which directly lapsuus and derails monotheistic mythology, attacking religious ideology which has created oppressive cultural norms around gender, sexuality, race, species and progressive thought.

This hollow place will serve us well, For we no longer have your love.

Forgot that I had this, just threw it on for the first time, and so far I've been impressed. I'll eventually cool off a bit on the album and edit it accordingly. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Wings fragment in fervid oil, driven back and recoil. Have we not swarmed to your side? The music taking on the twists and turns of the narrative and telling the myth just as well as the lyrics themselves.

Light Bearer – Lapsus | Review | Scene Point Blank | Music webzine | Reviews, features & news

The closing minutes of the song feature an astounding string section. Streaming and Download help. The drumming is often sparse, yet each new rhythm is perfectly timed and phrased to compliment the rest of the instruments. Silver Tongue by Light Bearer. But I would never rate this a 5. DoubtGin July 19th Comments.

Beautiful strings accentuate the introductory piece, really bringing to the fore that this band are trying to do something new and interesting. It is, however, a demanding listen; this is not for the faint of heart. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. We have an interview coming up with Alex in which he'll explain in much greater detail the thoughts and ideas behind bfarer band and it's mission.

As the vocals fade, the string section returns, this time with piano, for a reprise of the main lapsuw, completing the album with haunting beauty.

AA Light Bearer - Lapsus 2xLP/CD | Alerta Antifascista Records

Light Bearer hail from London mostly and formed in with Alex cf vocals at the helm. Dreamcatcher KR - Alone in the City. There are many tales to tell - and I cannot wait. I look forward to hearing more from this ingenious new artist cjmccoy The drum is the most prominent instrument along with a softly strummed guitar.

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